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Your context-aware AI chatbot. Installed as a chrome extension. Utilizes your own OpenAI API Key.

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We spend on average 6+ hours a day on the web.

And each time while browsing, we face the overwhelming challenge of navigating through a sea of information often asking AI chatbots for assistance. Traditional chatbots often compound these issues by requiring users to provide extensive context and risking the exposure of sensitive information for future model training.


Information Overload


Chatbot Assistance


Lack of Contextual Understanding


Context Switching


Privacy Concerns

Effortless Productivity Begins Here

  • No more copying and pasting content or explaining context to other chatbots. With PageGPT, starting a conversation is as easy as clicking a button and typing your question. Say goodbye to cumbersome workflows and hello to instant assistance tailored to your current task.
  • PageGPT is not just another chatbot—it's your personal assistant that understands the context of the webpage you're on. Whether you need a summary of the page you're reading, specific information, or even assistance drafting an email response, PageGPT seamlessly integrates with your browsing experience.
  • Experience enhanced convenience with Saved Prompts! Easily save frequently used messages as prompts and access them with a single click. Streamline your conversations and make chatting effortless.
  • Your data is your business, and with PageGPT, it stays that way. We prioritize your privacy and do not store your conversations, but use openai API directly to generate responses. As of now, data passed to the OpenAI API is stored for 30 days for identifying misuse. After that, it is deleted, and most importantly not used for training their models unless you explicitly opt-in. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your conversations with PageGPT are secure and confidential.
  • Whether you're a student, professional, researcher, or simply curious, PageGPT opens up a world of possibilities. From research assistance to productivity hacks, let PageGPT empower you to accomplish more with less effort.
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  • Chrome extension
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  • 7-day trial access

No credit card required.

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  • 3 months access + free updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have another question? Contact me on Twitter or by email.

  • You get a chrome extension chatbot. It uses current page you're on as context and your own openai API key to answer your questions.

  • You can get your own API key by signing up on OpenAI platform and creating a new API key. For detailed instructions, you can check their account setup guide.

    OpenAI is an research lab and company that develops advanced AI models like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). The OpenAI API key is a unique identifier that allows access to their AI models and services, enabling developers (or anyone else) to integrate powerful AI capabilities into their applications and projects.

  • Yes. You have to pay for usage bills of your own openai API key. You can check their pricing on their website.

    Currently, PageGPT uses combination of gpt-4o, gpt-3.5-turbo & text-embedding-3-small models, to generate responses. We've tried to reduce the cost by using the API efficiently, but it's still there, and might differ depending on the page content size you're on.

  • Currently, PageGPT only supports openai. But if you need other LLM provider support, let me know.

  • Currently, PageGPT is available as chrome extension, and also compatible with other chromium based browsers such as Arc. If you're interested in using it on a different browser, feel free to send an email, and we can discuss it further!

  • We don't store any of your conversation, but instead use openai API directly to generate responses. As of now, data passed to openai API is stored for 30 days for identifying misuse. After that it is deleted. Also, they do not use your data for training their models, unless you explicitly opt-in. You can read more about how they use your data.

  • There is no refund policy. However, you can try the extension for free for 7 days before purchasing a pass. Just sign in, and you're good to go.

  • Cool, contact me via Twitter or via email at